The ICPAR provides the following research services for NGOs, private companies, government institutions, and other stakeholders interested in Iraq and Kurdistan.

Project Evaluations
The ICPAR provides baseline assessments for local and international NGOs, government institutions, and political parties in all provinces of Iraq. It provides assessments focusing on social well-being, education, food security, health, agriculture, water, and sanitation.

Market Research 
The ICPAR provides market analysis of goods and services and assesses consumers’ satisfaction with those goods and services in Iraq. It performs labor market analysis, cost-benefit analysis, in-depth market research, and studies for private-sector clients in major cities of Iraq and Kurdistan.

Media Research
The center provides valuable insight about audience profiling, habits and preferences. It also provides needs assessments for static and vulnerable populations.

Gender Research
The ICPAR provides in-depth analyses about issues related to gender and development, working closely with the main women’s organizations in the various regions of Iraq.  

Needs Assessments 
The ICPAR provides needs-assessment studies and surveys for private and public firms and institutions. Needs-assessment research is conducted before implementing programs and policies by studying the communities in which certain agencies and firms provide services. The study is to understand interests, characteristics, and the special needs of communities to which specific services or goods would be delivered.

Custom Research 
The ICPAR offers unique research tailored for our customers' specific needs. It also provides research design, data collection, research training, and analysis in specific areas, all based on the demands of clients.