About ICPAR:

Iraqi Center for Policy Analysis & Research (ICPAR) is a nonprofit independent research center that aims to provide policy analysis and research on Iraq and Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). The center focuses on Iraqi and Kurdish internal dynamics, public policies, economic issues, and security challenges with special attention to armed groups' conflicts, and the country’s energy sector. It also covers issues in regards to the relationship between Iraq and neighboring countries, regional and global powers. 
ICPAR provides unbiased insight to produce high-impact analysis on the complex problems facing Iraq and KRI; especially issues that require policymakers’ attention. The center will generate qualitative and quantitative data on policies that affect the development of the region and its diverse groups, improve transparency and accountability in government and provide policy recommendations. 
We believe that high-standard research can empower political leaders, law makers, women’s organizations and community leaders to make more informed decisions that will lead to a more prosperous Iraq and KRI.